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Gosal Electronics
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A professionally managed company,GOSAL Electronics(Ludhiana) is a front-runner in the manufacturing of  Electronics and Electrical parts Industry.

Products of Gosal Electronics

GOSAL Electronics has an ultra modern plant for manufacturing I.T. products like switch mode power supplies for Computers, Uninterrupted power supplies, D.C. to D.C. Converters, Flyback Transformers for Moniters, Line Filters, High Frequency Chokes and Coils, Deflection Components, T.V. Tuners, Transformers for Plasma/ MIG / TIG Welding sets, Sheet Metal Components like Heat Sinkers and Cabinets.

GOSAL aims to provide reasonably priced and high Quality components by using modern technology and statistical Quality control techniques. As a result,The manufacturing plant is equipped with State - of Art encapsulating and Japanese winding machines which produces products of highest quality and reliability.




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